We now offer Tarot readings as part of our extended services to our wonderful YX community, to help them benefit from various paths to personal growth and wellbeing.


Having studied life coaching and NLP, we take a coaching-oriented approach to Tarot readings, aiming to leave clients with an understanding of the current energies around a specific area of life so they can move forward with a deeper perspective on the situation.

All readings will conducted virtually via Zoom while the COVID situation is ongoing.


What is Tarot?

The Tarot is used as a tool of divination. A reading consists of a seeker looking for answers to questions and a reader who knows how to read the cards to provide an interpretation of the meaning of the spread.

Can Tarot predict the future?

Yes and No. The Tarot is a tool for spiritual guidance and helps to generate understanding regarding the energies and influences attached to a certain period in time or life situation. Tarot readings allow the querent to receive information that enables them to reflect on circumstances, understand the forces at play and determine appropriate action.

Which Tarot deck is used?

I use the Rider Waite Tarot deck as I feel this best honours the original intentions of the cards and therefore provides the most accurate readings.