Y Crystal Set



The Y crystal set provides a well-balanced selection for feminine energies. Particularly helpful to manage the feminine challenges of menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, and menopause.


Calcite: A wellbeing mineral to soothe menstrual or pregnancy cramps and enhance energy levels. Also helpful for upset stomachs (morning sickness, hangover). Place on the abdomen and visualise the warmth of the crystal soothing the area.

Citrine Cluster: A calming and balancing crystal to aid focus and concentration. Also provides emotional support.

Emerald: A vitality crystal to support fertility and childbirth, good fortune, abundance and health. Provides luck and protection and feminine energy.

Lepidolite: A natural antidepressant, Lepidolite will help you cope with daily challenges to prevent life becoming overwhelming. Soothes, calms and stabilises emotions. Useful for pre-menstrual or hormonal symptoms.

Tangerine Quartz Point: A powerful crystal for healing related to negative sexual or body image associations to release shame or insecurities. Helps to encourage sensuality and stimulate sexual appetite.


All crystal sets include a description card and soft drawstring pouch bag.