Spiritual Awakening Crystal Set


A hand-picked Crystal Set to support Spiritual Awakening.


Rainbow Moonstone to help you connect to your intuition and encourage insights and new beginnings.

Hematite to keep you spiritually grounded and protected from negative energies.

Lapis Lazuli to identify your divine purpose and help you direct your life towards this path.

Labradorite to awaken your magical abilities and support wisdom in identifying your true life purpose.

Selenite for transmuting ethereal light to access a higher vibration and cleansing the crystal set and yourself after spiritual practice.

Amethyst to protect from negative energies and support transformation and transcendence to higher frequencies.


Each set is lovingly hand-picked for high quality. Photos of the crystals show the average size, which may vary slightly between sets. Crystals come tissue wrapped in a luxury drawstring bag, fully cleansed and ready for charging.

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