Children’s Crystal Set


A hand-picked Crystal Set to support Children’s growth and behaviour.


Selenite, the ‘make-a-wish’ stick. Encourage daydreaming and imagination in children with this crystal.

Rainbow Moonstone will help calm, dispel negativity and bad dreams. Place under the child’s pillow when sleeping.

Blue Lace Agate is a calming crystal, perfect for tempering hyperactivity or erratic behaviour and helping resolve difficulties with friends at school.

Green Aventurine is excellent for promoting childhood growth, particularly up to age 7, as well as encouraging a positive attitude towards life.

Rose Quartz supports loving relationships with parents, siblings, family and friends and provides support when emotions in children are frayed. Treat your child to a Rose Quartz bath after a stressful day by placing at the bottom of the bat tub as it’s filled.


Each set is lovingly hand-picked for high quality. Photos of the crystals show the average size, which may vary slightly between sets. Crystals come tissue wrapped in a luxury drawstring bag, fully cleansed and ready for charging.


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