The coming full moon in Virgo on puts the focus on paying particular attention to anything in our lives that affects our overall health and wellbeing and encouraging a good amount of rest to avoid stress build up.

This is a good full moon for increasing self awareness and overcoming your fears to help you grow spiritually, morally and ethically. This provides a good opportunity to acknowledge any weaknesses and forgive yourself for not being perfect. Removing guilt or self-pity will lead to a happier and more contented life.

A full moon in Virgo, the sign of health, challenged by Neptune, which rules illness and infection, could see an exacerbation of illness and possibly further spread of coronavirus, but equally provides us with a useful warning about taking action to support our general health and wellbeing.

A challenging Neptune creates confusion, deception and fear, which could result in scandal, arguments with loved ones, and regrets, all affecting our strong and stable mental wellbeing. We should aim instead to harness the positive energy of Jupiter at this time to support mutual respect, openness and honesty when sharing our feelings to prevent misunderstandings, assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

Pressure that we place on ourselves through striving for perfectionism in our lives also needs bringing into check, with a lean instead towards more practical steps we can take to achieve the outcomes we want, instead of the idealistic daydreaming that only adds to the feelings of inadequacy and disappointment and increases stress.

The fixed stars conjuncting this full moon bring strength, courage, self-control, prosperity, and generosity, plus mental and spiritual force. These good qualities are amplified by the helpful Jupiter aspect and should be what we aim to practice to avoid the pitfalls of Neptune.

The February new moon is still having a stimulating and inspiring influence, bringing opportunities to develop natural talents and reach our full potential. This means projects begun now before we reach the full moon on March 9th will harness this current prosperous energy.

Any pervading air of mistrust or deception is best countered with spiritual practice that focuses on faith, trust and which connects to our intuition. This helps to maintain inner strength, and uncover truths and realisations about our lives.

Once the Mercury Retrograde ends on 10th March, we can then take these inner learnings and apply them into our outer world, where we will finally begin to see some positive action or a positive shift in our daily lives.

The full moon in Virgo provides a perfect opportunity for deep rest and relaxation at this time, as well as support unlocking the self-awareness needed to take us into the next astrological year that begins with the new moon in Aries on 24th March and the high level of energy that this will bring.

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

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